Sunday, 18 October 2015

"She was perfect for me.
The one of a kind who you meet after a million heartbreaks,
Who puts you back together
Makes you smile
Makes you laugh and cry
And holds that right arm of yours while walking
And smiles widely when you look at her
She was perfect for me

Had she not been my first heartbreak, I would have loved her."

Thursday, 18 June 2015

You know when people say how we should do these amazing things in our 20’s. Travel the world?  Rock Cleveland? Backpack through Europe? Live at concerts ?

But why 20’s?
Because we have our 30’s and 40’s and the time eternity to plan our lives and go methodically towards everything,from everything.

But see that is the thing. Since I have discovered things (  because let us face it,it takes a life to discover ourselves) , I know I want to travel.
Why just the 20’s? Why only those times when I am active and spontaneous?
Why not the 30’s? or any of the times when I am battered and beaten to pulp from the world and I just need to go somewhere where it is peaceful?
Or when I want some rock and action and a beat to my life?
To know how my life works in the best if times and the worst of times?

Yes life is dedicated to this one person who makes me incandescently happy and the whole journey goes to finding that person. And I may even have that person and that makes me happy.

But life is so much more.
Why can we not fall in love with life,first?

Fall in love with life, With yourself.

I fell in love with travel way before I knew I did love it.
You know how you just have to have to travel.

I think I will do that.
And to you fearless readers out there,who maybe are there and maybe are not.

Travel the world as the decades go in. Why stop?
Planning the lives? People do that all the time!

Lets try something new?
I know I will.

Until we know

Sunday, 7 June 2015

The safe fun

Here is my life out to you strangers.

Where is the fun in that?

But it is fun.

the safe kind.

Look,No one wants the people they know to read their thoughts.
why,you ask?

Leverage is all anyone ever needs to succeed.
So we hide and be careful and

it works like a charm.

but that is just sometimes.

The other times consist of the brave. the ones who lose and do not cry. the ones who are so defeated that they may rise.
the ones with irony,despair in every single drop of blood coursing through their veins.

the ones who win,know how to live.
the ones who don't are just learning to.

Now there is where the fun is.

look closely. very closely.
it will never be enough.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Peshawar : Why?

I wasn't a bad kid,dad.
I know you loved me so
Tell mom I will miss her
She knows I love her more

I tried to not die,mom
It wasn't in my hands,you see
They kept a gun to my forehead,sis
And I prayed god to let me be.

They plundered in the rooms around
And dragged us wall from wall
Few stood by and some ducked down
And saw our friends' souls fall

You sent me away to study,mom
Remember,It was never your fault
You sold yourself to teach me,dad
Don't you rub your wounds on salt!

I thank you god to let me live this long
However short it may be
I thank you god to give me a chance to live
However wrong my death may be.

Friday, 5 December 2014

It's a bad day - this too shall pass

It's a bad day. So what do you do ?
Cry yourself to sleep sounds not do bad.
Distract yourself is okay too.

But what If you want something else ?
What do you do?
You create a mechanism.

Take deep breaths. As many as you need to calm those thudding heart beats.
Take many. Calm.

Remember a day that was close to being perfect? Remember the feeling? Yes,that one.
Relive it.
It was your close-to-perfect-day.
Ofcourse you can relive it.
It's how you've been surviving this long. You want to feel that way again.

So then
It's a lot.
The day is as worse as it can get( or is getting)
And you take

One by one,take it.
With me. Okay ? Okay.

One step at a time.
Tell yourself that 'it's okay,I am alright'
Even when you're not.
Keep the faith that YOU will be.

Believe in Something.
Believe in the nothingness of something.
Have faith.

"This too shall pass"

Until we know.

Friday, 3 October 2014

Too Beautiful

What kind of man lays his hands on the women he loves?
Calls her angel, but shows no remorse in her blood
He covers her body in bruises and scars
You don't understand just how beautiful you are

When he's done with her beating
He just stands aside
Wipes the sweat from his brow
And yells over her cries
"You don't know what I've been through!"
He yells and he says
"You don't know what I've done for you!"
And hits her again

She stands in the mirror
She looks less alive
She lifts up her shirt to see she has five
Branded fingers on her side
She's feeling it all now
But she doesn't cry
She doesn't cry

You are too beautiful
Your heart wants something more
Those shades of blue on that face of yours
Hides that smile that beats in your chest